Why it started, how it is growing and everything in between

CARE-That’s the common factor. Young enthusiastic and indomitable young people from in and around kolkata and also from other states and even abroad poured in with one common Motto –Let Us Care for You. Thus LUCY was formed and started its journey on 11th of September 2005. YES 11th September-the day of terrorism, the day of death. The date the world will not be able to forget. Let Us Care for You Started its journey with the slogan Donate Blood; Don’t Shed It. “LET US CARE for YOU" is a completely non-profit, voluntary, subscription-driven society registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act. We received our registration on 24th April 2007. LUCY is a member organization of Federation of Indian Blood Donor Organisations- FIBDO and Mr.Biswaroop Biswas from LUCY holds the position of National Secretary in FIBDO. We proudly state that our founder secretary is the Governing Body Member of National Blood Transfusion Council(N.B.T.C) , the policy formulating apex body for all matters pertaining to the organization, operation, standards and training of a sustainable and safe blood transfusion service for the country.

100% VBD

National Blood Policy

Proud Member of FIBDO

We Demand Blood Act

A Word From The President

Sanjay Dey

Sanjay Dey

"Blood need concerns each one of us but unfortunately, we only think of it when tragedy occurs. With no replacement for our blood and a need that can never end, the only way to address this issue is by finding a sustainable solution that keeps enough blood flowing to all blood banks. This is our shared responsibility as citizens, and this is why LUCY was founded. The only way to do it is to have the maximum number of people involved by bringing their attention to this daily need and engaging them in the act of generously giving to others. Only us can save us and I invite the youth – but not exclusively – to assume this civic responsibility and become committed to leading a healthy life and donating regularly; for them, for others and for their country."



“To pump hope in a conflicted society by giving voluntary time, effort and blood, for a strong and healthy nation.”

How can a country stand on its feet if its own people are not reconciled? Recent severe conflicts have completely dissolved trust between the Indian people, leaving the country divided into various opposing groups. We still have a long way to go before achieving the reconciliation and unity we strive for, but we are determined to keep working harder with the country’s youth in order to build a more peaceful future for everyone. We believe that the only way to build a solid foundation starts by getting people to work hard together, voluntarily, to fulfill a shared goal. This will reinforce mutual understanding and trust. We have made it our mission to promote and engage in acts of solidarity and civic responsibility that build bridges between people from all different backgrounds. Such acts of unity spread hope for a better future in the hearts of those who carry them out, those who receive them, and those who witness them. For positive change to emerge, everyone affected by a destructive conflict has to be involved in the process to achieve reconciliation, justice, and peace. Besides the positive social outcomes that emerge from engaging in the community, volunteering by donating blood or taking part in various activities contributes to five different aspects of every person’s well-being:


Developing a strong sense of patriotism and civic responsibility


Acquiring diverse knowledge and skills as well as finding a sense of purpose


Adopting physical activity and making healthier choices in food consumption


Widening one’s network and sense of belonging


Serving the greater good and being at peace with oneself

So we count on you to join us in our mission and pump hope within the community by giving a little of your time, energy and blood for those who need it!​

Our Values

Sacrificial Love

Giving Until It Hurts

We pledge to put our time, sweat, and blood at the service of our country and those who need it without asking for anything in return.

Courageous Faith

Initiating in Darkness

We pledge to keep facing challenges with a stronger will to find more ways to serve better, adapt to arising changes and find opportunities to grow.

Peaceful Wisdom

Finding A Way When There’s No Way

We pledge to act as messengers of peace, building bridges between different communities and bringing forward trust and mutual understanding.

Heart Integrity

Doing Right Without Compromise

We pledge not to differentiate between people, to be equitable in our choices and to serve our country with a strong sense of civic responsibility.

Empathetic Humanity

Putting The Last First

We pledge to put our efforts to help the most vulnerable first and keep pushing for justice and equity for all.

LUCY'S Associations

FIBDO is the first and only national platform of voluntary non- remunerative blood donor organizations of INDIA. It is a place for sharing, learning and framing policies for blood science and blood donation. The goal of FIBDO is self-sufficiency of the member states in blood from voluntary, non remunerated blood donors. We welcome all serious voluntary blood donor organisations to join us and strengthen the blood donation movement of the country.​

Global Blood Fund is a non-profit established in 2008 and registered as a charity in both the US and UK. It is run by practising blood banking professionals who share a deep concern about the huge global inequalities in access to safe blood and a determination to do something about this problem.FIBDO is the first and only national platform of voluntary non- remunerative blood donor organizations of INDIA.

National Blood Transfusion Council is being empowered to fulfill its roles and responsibilities as the policy formulating apex body for all matters pertaining to the organization, operation, standards and training of a sustainable and safe blood transfusion service for the country. Mechanism for better coordination between NBTC and SBTC and providing technical, financial and managerial assistance to SBTC as needed to implement the national blood programme are being developed and implemented.​

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