Let Us Care for You (LUCY) with support of Federation of Indian Blood Donor Organisations [FIBDO] has taken initiative to organize  QUIZINATE 2018 – a Corporate Quiz and State Level Quiz competition with School & college Students. QUIZINATE 2018 will be held in various states under the supervision of organisations associated with FIBDO simultaneously, giving it a shape of a national event.

Why Quizinate: 
 1. Awareness on
a)      Blood Science & Blood Donor Motivation
b)      Intervention & detection of Thalassaemia
 c)      Awareness program for Eye & Body Donation

2. To Build up energetic Volunteer s for blood donation and Thalassaemia detection program
3. Blood donor base
4. Thalassaemia  detection  for students of  participating schools and colleges
TIME FRAME:  April 2018  – 1st December 2018

No. of dates for quizzing: 30 days (approx)
Target: Open/Corporate ,300 schools and 100 colleges.
Topic of Quiz:

  1. Blood Science & Blood Donor Motivation
  2. Basic knowledge of Thalassaemia 
  3. Importance of Eye & Body Donation
  4. Environment Science
  5. Sports
  6. Literature

Quizinate 2018

Structure : Each team will consist of 2 participants representing respective schools and colleges. We will have clusters according to map. Each cluster quiz will comprise of 15 teams, from which 1 team will reach the semi final(that means 20 teams will reach the semis for school level competition)from which 10 team will be selected for the state level finale .
In college level we will directly go to the finals with 10 teams selected from the cluster level competition.

Quizinate will be of 6 rounds followed by tie-breakers with direct questions, rapid fire/buzzer, audio and visual rounds. There will be on spot 20-30 questions for the audience as well.

Research and development:  Research & Publication team will take the responsibility  of the questionnaires and we will send them through email to all the local orgs. Modifications according to the need of the soil will have to be done by the organizers in every state.


  1. Sound system
  2. Laptop
  3. Projector

Awards for cluster level  and semi-final:

  1. Certificate of  participation
  2. Individual memento/medallion for all participants in preliminary stages.
  3. Memento for participating schools and colleges.
  4. Audience prize hamper (30 in number for each cluster)

Awards  for final:

  1. Teaching Aid Grant of  Rs.25,000 for Winning School & Rs. 20,000 for 1st Runner-up  School & 15000 for 2nd Runner-up .
  2. Teaching Aid Grant 20,000 for Winner 15000 1st Runner-up & 10,000 for 2nd Runner-up team in College Level
  3. Certificate of  participation
  4. Winner ,1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up Trophy
  5. Individual memento & medallion for all participants.
  6. Prize hamper
  7. Audience prize hamper(30 in number)
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