LUCY has been present as a blood donor organization for the past 15 and a half years now. Time and again, it has had to redefine it’s ways of working so as to put the best practices and approaches accessible to develop the services it offered both to the common man and the people from the blood banking community.

LUCY’s Blood Donation Wing worked majorly in 4 diverse areas related to blood – Working towards providing timely help during blood emergencies, Networking of blood banks to have a statewide helpline number for blood in West Bengal,Education program for school & college students and Organizing safe, quality oriented blood donation drives. With these working wings, the organization had been able to work with the best specialists and from the medicos banking community. These blood experiences have greatly helped in shaping the organization’s perspective of blood banking practices and methodologies.

After having shifted gears from Kolkata to West Bengal, the challenge with LUCY was to provide a platform for sharing of knowledge and information among the blood banking workforce in the 123 blood banks across the state. LUCY is pleased to announce the arrival of this platform – The Better Blood Banking(B3)with the support from Global Blood Fund.

BBB now is officially the 4th working wing under LUCY Blood Donation Organization. Formed with a sole purpose of improving blood banking practices in the our country by embracing latest technological advances and adopting various improved solutions to address challenges faced in blood banking,BBB will focus on both theoretical and practical learning.

BBB will work towards conducting workshops, seminars, scientific studies, sharing of useful general updates in blood banking practices through frequent interactions with the best transfusion specialists.
LUCY would pick up topics and studies that are both relevant and practical to modern day blood banking and look to conduct learning programmes, studies on these topics. Each such initiative will be headed by a senior blood transfusion specialist and look to work in a time bound manner. Also, one volunteer from LUCY will be closely involved in order to understand and assist the expert.
One of the first activities that will be driven under the banner of BBB will be a workshop that was held in June 2018. Through this medium, LUCY wishes to call on all the blood banks to participate and contribute in the success of BBB.

​This B3 venture will be highly effective to improve quality in blood banking provided members from the blood banking community participate and co-operate in these activities. LUCY requests all blood banks to join hands for better, safer, effective and quality focused blood banking.